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To join the union you must be a professional active in a field related to contemporary art, including —but not limited to— visual, applied or performing arts, curating and exhibition making, art history and theory of art, cultural management, museology, arts education, conservation, archiving. You must also live and/or work in Greece at the time of registration and be able to supply one of the following documents: tenancy agreement, utility bill, mobile phone bill, or unique Greek VAT number (AΦΜ).

You will also be asked to submit any TWO of the following:

1.    A BA (or BFA) and/or an MA (or MFA) degree in Fine, Applied or Performing Arts, Curating, Art History and Theory, Cultural Management, Museology, Art Education, Conservation, Archiving or in any field related to Contemporary Art obtained in Greece or abroad.

2.     Any kind of employment contract (invoice, private agreement etc) from the last 10 years, that shows you working with/for a public or private arts organization, a non-profit organization, an independent art space or art gallery.

3.     Any type of document (press release, invitation, catalogue, etc.) from the last 10 years that illustrates your participation in an event related to contemporary art as an artist, curator, historian, researcher, museologist, educator, conservator or similar, in Greece or abroad.

4.     Any type of documentation (website, press release, publication, etc.) demonstrating activity in self-organized cultural programs and initiatives.

5.     Any documentation from the last 10 years that demonstrates your participation in an artist-in-residence programme in Greece or abroad, or a distinction such as funding, prizes or scholarships in the field of contemporary art awarded in Greece or abroad.

6.     Publication in a journal, newspaper or website specializing in contemporary art, exhibition catalogue, online platform or other publication (printed or online), of work on the topics of art practice, art theory, education or similar.

7.     An active AICA, EETE, ICOM or other national or international art alliance membership card.  


Special offer for recent BA graduates* :

(*must have graduated within the last two years prior to registration)

For individuals who have recently graduated with a BA degree in any of the fields detailed in criterion 1 (please see above) we offer the opportunity to register without any other supporting documents as well as a 50% subscription discount which will remain in effect for three years. If the individual wishes to remain a member of the union after the three-year term, they can automatically upgrade to the regular annual subscription by paying the relevant fee.  


If the membership criteria are met you will be asked to pay a € 30 one-off registration fee and the annual subscription which costs € 30/year.

Personal information of any kind will not for any reason be disclosed to or shared with third parties.


Steps to become a member of SEST

1.You may apply by filling the form of application here and attach two of the above criteria that you will name them "Surname_Name_Evidence.pdf" (max 10Mo)

2.You will receive a confirmation email and the final reply will follow in a period of 15 days.

For further information please contact us via email to the following address: 

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