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The Union of Workers in Contemporary Art (SEST) is a trade union which supports and represents professionals in the field of culture, and more specifically in fields related to contemporary art.


The union’s goals include but are not limited to, the advocacy and safeguarding of the labour rights of contemporary art workers. 

Our vision is to develop and fortify meaningful bonds of solidarity, collegiality and support between our members to promote the field in Greece and abroad.

The Union of Workers in Contemporary Art was established in October 2022 by a group of contemporary artists and curators following a series of discussions and open assemblies that began with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

 Here the statute in greek.

Union's gοals are to advocate, campaign for and safeguard the economic, labour and social rights and interests of contemporary art workers, including trade union rights, rights to social security and health insurance.

To bring together all contemporary art workers regardless of their formal employment status, their remuneration status or their social security agency. 


To regularly provide members with information, advice and training with regards to their labour rights.


To strengthen and promote the development of contemporary art, both nationally and internationally, without any political, religious, economic or profit-driven agenda.


To cultivate among its members a spirit of solidarity, comradeship and good practices, in order to form a united front to fight for their rights, regardless of their different areas of specialization.


To work together with both private and public sector organizations and other trade unions in Greece and abroad in dialogue with the state, in order to protect labour rights and achieve the aforementioned goals.


To shape and promote our professional stance and ethical standpoints towards issues pertinent to working in the field of contemporary art.


To safeguard the right to freedom of expression within contemporary art without intervening on aesthetic matters.


To uphold and safeguard intellectual property rights.

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